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Why Choose Us?

  • The Irish Style Institute offers the only elevated educational experience in image, style and fashion in Ireland.
  • We believe that a passion for fashion and style can be elevated to your future job.
  • The Irish Style Institute offers a mix of fashion theory, industry insights and practical information to combine your creative brain with a business mind, allowing you to become a dynamic professional in the style space in Ireland and abroad.

What makes The Irish Style Institute Different?

  • We make the creative path in Ireland more accessible.
  • We offer a comprehensive mix of theory, creativity, planning, and analysis.
  • We offer a systematic and logical delivery of content.

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Future Career Opportunities: 

  • Personal Shopping
  • Image Consultancy
  • Fashion Styling including:
  • Red Carpet , Editorial and eCommerce Styling
  • Everything to succeed as a professional in the global fashion industry

“I want to make the path easier for creatives in Ireland, by offering a comprehensive mix of theory, creativity, planning and analysis. You usually get one or two elements, our courses offer all, in a systematic and logical way. You leave with not just a diploma, but also a plan of action.” 

Laura Jordan, Founder.

World-Leading CPD Accreditation

All of our courses are Diploma level and independently accredited by the CPD Standards Office UK, which is one of the most widely recognised accreditation bodies in Ireland and the UK.