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Meet Laura Jordan

Laura trained initially as a primary school teacher but her love for helping people to feel good and look good led her to set up StyleSavvy®. The consultancy has grown rapidly since, expanding to offer services across Ireland & abroad. It is now the largest style consultancy in the country, with over 400 clients.

Laura has featured in the Sunday Times, Irish Times and Irish Independent and is a regular fashion presenter for IrelandAM on Virgin Media One. Laura has provided talks and seminars on The Power of Dressing, The Power of Brand and The Secrets of Smart Shopping to over 50 companies over the past 7 years. She also spent 8 years lecturing in the Dublin Design Institute in Fashion Styling and Trend Forecasting, becoming the only course-provider for stand-alone Trend Forecasting content available in Ireland.

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Meet Leah Kenny

Leah Kenny began working at StyleSavvy® four years ago. Leah is a personal shopper, image consultant and stylist, bringing extensive experience with personal clients, magazine shoots and events. She also has lecturing experience in Personal Shopping and Image Consultancy.

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