Our Story....

The Irish Style Institute offers the only elevated educational experience in image, style and fashion in Ireland. We believe that a passion for fashion and style can be elevated to your future job…your dream career does start with us. 

Founded by a former teacher who didn’t think fashion was a ‘real job’, the Irish Style Institute is here to convert dreams to reality, offering a mix of fashion theory, industry insights and practical information to combine your creative brain with a business mind.

About Us

The Irish Style Institute was founded in 2023 by style entrepreneur Laura Jordan, who has worked for 10 years as a commercial stylist and fashion presenter in Ireland and is owner of style and image consultancy StyleSavvy, with over 400 private clients and 50 corporate clients nationwide.

Laura has a H.Dip in Education, working for 7 years as a primary school teacher before launching StyleSavvy. She also has a diploma in Digital Marketing, specialising in eCommerce and has linked this with study and research in the area of Trend Forecasting.


Laura lectured in fashion at the Dublin Institute of Design for 8 years, developing multiple courses for the college, before launching the Irish Style Institute, a combination of her 3 passions; education, empowerment and style.

Laura has previously created programmes in Image Consultancy, Personal Shopping, Fashion Styling and The Business of Fashion and has developed the only Fashion Trend Forecasting course in Ireland, with particular focus on eCommerce Trends. Laura developed these from a lack of other options for further study and learning in the Irish fashion space.


Laura is joined by tutor Leah Kenny, who also has a H.Dip in education and has worked as a personal stylist for 5 years, as well as lecturing in Image Consultancy and Personal Shopping in the Dublin Institute of Design.


“I want to make the path easier for creatives in Ireland, by offering a comprehensive mix of theory, creativity, planning and analysis. You usually get one or two elements, our courses offer all, in a systematic and logical way. You leave with not just a diploma, but also a plan of action.” 

Laura Jordan, Founder.

World-Leading CPD Accreditation

All of our courses are Diploma level and independently accredited by the CPD Standards Office UK, which is one of the most widely recognised accreditation bodies in Ireland and the UK.